Saturday, 9 June 2012

My First post


            Hello good people of the Internet! My name is Stephen James and I'm pretending to be a credible source for reviews.
            As a kid, I had very little of a social life, forcing me to turn to the universal parenting tool: Television. To be clear, I am no great thinker, nor speller, nor grammarian; so if you see any glaring mistakes be kind and let me delude myself into thinking that I am a competent writer. So basically what I'm saying is I may not know if my 'i's come before 'e's, but i do know my TV.
          Recently I have acquired a Netflix account and my social life has taken a subsequent dive; and i thought to myself, "I might as well do something with all this TV I've been watching."
          Now I will be going through some of new shows and old shows, recapping some of my favourite show's reviewing each season and over all. If you want to read me review one of your favourite show send me an email. I'll be starting next week with a couple easy ones so stay tuned.
                                                                                                                      Stay Vigil my Internetonians
Stephen James